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New Cutting Machine

Harco Manufacturing now has an Integrated Flying Bridge Waterjet Cutting System. This system can cut complex shapes in almost any material. When paired up with Harco’s 3D virtual prototyping capabilities, the waterjet provides the answer to all your cutting needs.

Tech Specs:

  • Table size – 4ftx4ft
  • Z-axis: 8 in (200 mm), motorized Z Axis
  • Jet Diameter – approx .063”
  • Linear Positional Accuracy: ± 0.003 in (0.08mm)
  • Repeatability*: ± 0.002 in (0.05 mm)


  • Complex shapes such as variable radii, gears, and specialty flanges
  • Machines virtually any material and thickness
  • No problems with reflective materials such as brass and aluminum.
  • No heat input, so there is no burning or heat-affected zone (HAZ).
  • Waterjets can cut materials which are heat sensitive such as plastics, rubber or composites, and even such materials as glass, stone and very hard ceramics.
  • Affordable Rates – Call for details.

File Formats:

  • Solidworks® PRT
  • STL
  • IGS



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